Mark Zuckerberg - Future Minds (5 years-12 years)

The Five to Twelve years old child has learned and achieved their writing, language, art, gross motor, small motor, cognitive skills and are controlling their emotional needs. At this stage we are here to provide them the support and guidance they need to stay on task. Through tutoring support or a planned day of fun that leads to great inventions and ideas of the future. We will assist them in sorting out problems and help them to find the direction to the answer they are seeking. Teachers will be there to encourage hands on experiences using computers, games, outdoor ideas, dramatic play, and science activities. They will be intrigued by the “How and Why” theories. This room provides enough space to move around on their own if they need calm down time or just space to themselves to think of their next negotiation or compromise in a situation. This is the time where friendships are forming, so they are willing to work with their adult peers or age peers to improve in their lives. Technology is a very big emphasis in their lives these days,we want to incorporate art, music, language through physical settings and electronics. We will encourage thinking and dreams in the young lives of our future minds. We would like to also encourage the parents to utilize the Parent Child library with your brilliant child.
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