Neil deGrasse Tyson-Dreamer (4 years Old)

By the age of four your child's pretend play is more imaginative and complex. They will enjoy the opportunity of new experiences daily, they will seek out new adventures on their own and make their decisions. At this age their knowledge of written language is expanding along with their vocabulary. Some are already advanced in their writing skills, and their capability of learning math concepts has increased. We are here to increase their problem solving skills as role models. The world is their imagination playground, they explore different experiences from reality to fantasy. Their interest in science, investigation, observations and gathering information to compare data is brought through daily activities with the guide of their well planned teachers and resources. Their social interactions are encouraged with their peers by group play, indoors and outdoors. They learn how to manage their feelings and soar through conflicts, they are learning different ways to appreciate music and experience high levels of understanding real life through specific scenarios in dramatic play given from well planned lessons of their teachers. We also encourage the parents to find resources to take home and learn with your child in our Parent Child Library.
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