Your child is considered enrolled once you have completed all admissions forms, and annual admission fee.  A medical form and immunization form is required to be updated annually by your child’s physician. The availability of space is also a consideration.


At present we will be contracting transportation with a well known local service in the community. They will no transport in the case of emergencies. EEE may do so if the proper documentation and signatures at admission. Once your child is registered with us you will receive a full handbook explaining all rules and procedures in transportation. They will also apply with transportation services.

Meals and Snacks

We are pleased to announce that we are contracting with Ben E. Keith Food Distributors to provide your child/children with a fun exciting meal time experience at Breakfast,Lunch and P.M Snack time. We will be serving from The Zoo Crew Meal Program that gives innovative kid friendly CACFP ( Child and Adult Care Food Program) menus and concept for learning about nutrition and health. We are also joining in as a CACF food program. All meals will be served from our trained food service management team, out of our kitchen, no outside meals will be allowed. Any food served that is bought into the center for any special occasions must be store bought ,or prepared in a kitchen that is inspected by local health officials. If your child has any allergies be sure to note it at admissions,and we will post this information for Any foods to be substituted due to health or religious reasons will be done through our trained nutrition team. You will receive a menu weekly on the nutritional value of your child's meals and some recipes to try at home for your whole family. There will be no Nuts Involved with our menus. Our school age children will receive healthy snacks as they arrive from school,our staff does not reward good behavior,or clean plates with food of any kind. We will also provide our breastfeeding parents with proper information and resources in the community to nurture your baby.