Wassily - Abstract Thinkers (31 months -38 months)

The Early Education Experience understand that your toddler is ready to explore and experience the world. Everything they see and do is a learning experience. We want to encourage their classroom experience to be a canvas of new skills by giving them a variety of space,answers to questions ,interaction with others,imagine and make believe play. They will be encouraged to create and explore the same with outside play. The environment is equipped to help and assist with age and developmentally appropriate materials and toys. Your toddler's teacher will post a weekly lesson plan, menu and activity boards to give you information and show off their canvas of daily work. Please take the time with your child to visit our Parent Child Library for more interesting activities to do at home. We will encourage our parents to conference with our caregivers during their planning hours if there are any concerns. Schedule an appointment at your convenience with the lead team management and our time will be available to you and your family. Please take advantage of our Parent Child Library and weekly lessons plans,we encourage you to continue learning at home each day
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